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Portknockie Harbour

A magnificent team of walkers from Portknockie Primary School took part in the 2012 Six Harbour Walk.  Primary 7 pupils reflected afterwards on what "their" harbour meant to them. They came up with this splendid poem:

Portknockie Harbour is a bonnie place to be,

On the Moray Firth out looking the sea.

Rugged place of creeks and rocks,

To take your dog oot for great walks.

Knocker delivered every month,

Never is a load o’ bumff!

On the rolling, crashing waves,

Children jumping from the caves.

Keeping the harbour in its might,

Is the harbour master, keeping it a lovely sight!

Everyone’s invited to this wonderful place,

Here’s your invitation, so come along and embrace.

As you walk across the cliff top,

Radiant dolphins elegantly flop.

Burning is easy so put on sun cream

Or you can pop over to Cullen for an ice-cream!

Unique Bow Fiddle Rock,

Reaches to the sky as the sea gently rocks!