Six Harbour Walk - 2015


Thank you to the 400+ walkers who braved the chill wind and rain and completed the 2015 Six Harbour Walk.  The wind was from behind and it was a good temperature for walking.  This year we supported five worthy causes.

SightSavers help blind people to see, prevent others from going blind unecessarily, and support people to live independently if their sight loss can't be undone.  SightSavers works in the poorest countries of the world.  39 million people in the world are blind ---  80% can, with your support, be prevented. That’s 31.2 million people who are blind when it could have been avoided. Click on the Sight Savers Tab above to see how school children are contributing!

Sandpiper Trust

The Sandpiper Trust is improving emergency care in rural Scotland by providing doctors, nurses and paramedics with lifesaving equipment. Rapid intervention in the critical "golden hour" after a crisis or accident saves lives. Sandpiper equipment bags are being provided at locations across rural Scotland. .

Buckie Area Schools' Minibus

Pupils, parents and teachers are raising funds for a minibus to support curricular and extracurricular activities for children in both primary and secondary schools: field trips, sport, music, drama, camps and so much more!

Local Voluntary Organisations and Charities

Rotary International works nationally, worlwide and in the local community to support people in need, build communities and transform lives. Rotary wants to support the local volunteers who contribute so much.  Local voluntary organisations and charities are encouraged to apply for support.


In the aftermath of the tragic earthquake in Nepal, walkers also contributed to a ShelterBox appeal. Shelter boxes provide everything a family of 10 needs to survive after a disaster